We love to play, and our clients thank us for it


As much of our work here at SYMBIO depends on non-traditional approaches of acquiring customers for our clients we devote a lot of time experimenting with new technologies and love crossing the borders between digital and “offline” (and vice versa) to see how we can best communicate brand-promises while never losing sight of concrete business goals. Bottom-line, much of our success comes from that we’re able to transfer “fun” into concrete projects for our clients and bring them real value, as we will see in the following cases.

TV + Smartphone = Perfect marriage

What started as a game for one of our christmas parties soon became an idea to develop an on-screen game of football for T-Mobile, showcasing in multiplexes throughout Czech Republic during Euro 2012. No app was needed – just a smartphone, Wi-Fi and the movie-screen, and the game was on.

A similar technology was used in an smartphone-controlled movie we did for GE Money, communicating NFC payment in the most simple and powerful way.

Webcam controlled 3D game?

Peugeot’s “Let your body drive” slogan for the new 208 inspired us to create a Czech Republic’s first “motion & emotion” controlled website where users controlled speed through a webcam by smiling and steering by the palm of their hands, showing that innovation goes beyond hardware, and interactions users might not be familiar with.

Leap Motion

When leap motion first came out, our developers totally fell in love with it, and so did all chocolate and fashion lovers using our Lindt application at Designblok. First time in Czech Republic!

Philips hue

If you visit our cosy office in Holesovice you might notice that we change the mood lighting through mobile and Philips wireless lighting (http://meethue.com/). By color and intensity we set that perfect ambience for great creative work : ). The same technology was integrated at the award ceremony of “Křištálová Lupa”, where hundreds participants could manipulate the lights via their phones, as part of a T-Mobile campaign, partner of that event.


Want to play?

What we are playing with these days? Estimote beacons of course! Check out its total awesomeness (http://estimote.com). Our imagination is the only thing that can set limits to what we can do with it.

We also look forward for September, when MYO, wearable gesture control armband from Thalmiclab arrives at our office (https://www.thalmic.com/).

As you notice we invest a lot of time and money into experimenting with new technologies and love anyone who’s curious about and want to play and try new things. That’s also the environment we try to create, and so far our clients are thanking us for it.

Libor Šimon
Libor je spoluzakladatelem SYMBIA. Fascinuje ho dětská přirozenost, absence strachu z neúspěchu a potřeby porovnávat se s ostatními. Světem dětí se inspiruje i při vedení SYMBIA. Jeho ideálem je firma, kde pravidla příliš nepřekážejí tvůrčí práci a kde každý dostává pro využití svého talentu tolik prostoru, kolik chce. V takové firmě má každý zodpovědnost za svoje jednání i výsledky práce a zapojuje se do rozhodování.
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